Golden Gate Bridge SuttleLaw, P.C.

SuttleLaw is incorporated, and its team includes three partners (John C. Suttle, Gretchen Barber, and David Goh) and one legal assistant (Anke Hovland). The Firm has offices in the San Francisco Financial District and on the San Francisco Peninsula.

The Firm shares office space with Suttle & Company, LLP ("SCO"), a four-partner CPA firm licensed to practice in California. SCO prepares tax returns and provides number-crunching support for many of our clients. SuttleLaw shares a support staff of four with SCO.

SuttleLaw has almost 1,000 clients, including more than 600 active estate planning clients.

Although we would like to be able to solve all of your problems, we recognize our limitations and the risks of trying to be "all things to all people." We maintain a vast database of other professionals, including attorneys, accountants, brokers, appraisers, bankers, etc., to whom we defer on issues outside of our own area of expertise.

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